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the sydney consort

Concert Series 2009

Georg Frederick HANDEL

The Sydney Consort performs with energy and passion the dazzling and expressive 17th- and 18th-century repertoire for recorder, violin, and harpsichord.

Traditionally this trio will be on their way to Europe again. They will share with the audience a specially prepared program of Handel’s compositions. As always the musicians will present to the Europeans Australian music–this time works by Elena Kats-Chernin, Margery Smith and Dulcie Holland.

PIAZZOLLA Bowed and Plucked

Widely known Piazzolla’s music is energetic, spontaneous and appeals to everyone of all ages. Very creative and playful with dramatic elements, this music has won many hearts both by the audience and musicians alike.

There are many arrangements of Piazzolla’s music for all kinds of instruments and ensembles. Tonight’s performance will use an unusual instrument-the harpsichord- performing music originally written for bandoneón by the composer.

Cantata di Natale – Vaticini di Pace Del Signore Antonio CALDARA

By popular demand and a substantial number of received e-mails from the audience and early music lovers regarding the interest in Antonio Caldara’s Christmas Cantata, the Sydney Consort will perform this work again for the coming Christmas Season.

The prolific Venetian composer, Antonio Caldara’s sacred cantata, Vaticini di Pace for Christmas Eve 1712, is one of a series of works that were performed on 24th December every year, between 1676 and 1740, in the Papal Palace in Rome.

Caldara’s Duet from his Cantata - Vaticini di Pace